Celebrate People – Pramila

She came callin’ me a brother, Just like an angel ’nother.

She’s sweet as a peach,  cool as a cucumber.

She can’t keep a secret,  can’t lie either,

Doesn’t keep a grudge, Neither does she judge.

She doesn’t give a fig, though the problem is big,

she stays positive, is  optimistic and been inventive yet charismatic.

Her mind flies as a feather,  when she sees you as a friend,

there’s no such tether, that could stop her to blend.

These are the salad days and she may have many ahead,

May cover her with baize of b’ful memories shed.

Celebrate People_Pramila



  1. I’m honored and humbled anayya, I’m so amazed by your words and love !! i am not sure about the reality of it, but i’m pretty sure that you can become a poet like pinto and writer like Chethan bhagat 🙂 You have got great talent anayya !!


    1. There is nothing as such being not sure about a quality where people are noticed it already. All that you need is to believe it. If you have any doubts you better make those compliments real. 🙂


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