Les Misérables – Vanessa

     Once upon a time there was a young, bright and beautiful butterfly. She was given an equally beautiful name Vanessa. Everyone treated her so preciously not only because of her beauty, but also because of her special characteristics such as long lifespan, being independent and her ability to fly quickly. She was kindhearted, sensible, future-minded and well planned for her life. Everyday of her life she would discover a new facet of her surroundings. She would dance with joy under the golden sun when a morning breeze blew along the stream and created a milder music. She would converse with flowers all through the day explaining how grateful she was to them for providing her a food source even though she was aware they couldn’t talk back. The days went on and her knowledge grew to such an extent that she realized there’s more to explore the world. So as the weather changed and the plants went dry, she would feel freezing when a gentle wind touched her wings. She realized the time had come that she had to migrate. She joined the troop with a lot of excitement to fly away to a new territory to make new dreams.

She flew along with the rest for many days yet she didn’t feel tired. On her way, she saw that the rest of her fellow migrants already had partners which made her feel lonely all of a sudden. At that point  she questioned herself – who would she choose in her life? –  and realized that none of those around her who are look like her were not a match for her. She decided to take a diversion in her journey with the hope of finding the feeling that she never experienced before. The days became warmer, the plants turned green, and the birds started chirping, all of which made her feel at home again. She took a halt to learn the new place to verify if she could settle in there.

     She spent all day examining the new locality. By sunset she noticed a dragonfly which came flying from nowhere. She stared at him with great amazement, glared at his hunting skills, wondered at how different he was from her own kind, instantly got attracted to him and wanted to have his presence around her. She was perplexed at her own senses as she never experienced attraction to someone that close. In later days she had sleepless nights thinking of how she can make him understand her feelings for him. One fine day, she gathered all her strength and went up to him to have a conversation. They talked for a while and realized how easily they fitted together. Eventually they became inseparable.

Les Misérables - Vanessa_2

     They would run after rainbows to find the melting ends, had never-ending talks under the moonlight while staring at the stars, they would borrow a torch from a firefly when the night got darker so that they could see into each other’s eyes. She was happy with the developments in her life and wished it would last forever. However, one unexpected evening the dragonfly revealed a truth about his remaining lifespan and cautioned her that getting involved with him would make her heartbroken. She didn’t want to give importance to his warning as she never been in such a situation after all, or maybe her senses guided her in the right way.

     The days passed by, and things grew sweeter between them with each passing day. One day  the weather changed and it was a sign of unwanted things to come.  The dark clouds took over the sun, the wind made frightening sounds while it pulled the trees along with its roots, the river broke her  banks unwillingly as if someone forced her to do so, and the sky poured continuously for a long two days leaving the wilderness in misery and their lives shattered. Vanessa survived the storm, but couldn’t find the love of her life anywhere close to their land. She searched for him until she was left with no energy in her wings. Thereafter, she waited hoping for him to return but this  never resulted in success.

     The rest of her life she couldn’t live as happily as she was before meeting the  dragonfly. The few weeks she spent with him was memorable for her but apparently had not been sufficient. Eventually she led her remaining life mechanically looking forward for the time when her wings would fall. She questioned herself and wondered if the dragonfly had lived a little longer as he described to her of his remaining lifetime and passed away naturally, would it be more painful then? No one knew the answer.


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