..meanwhile on a far away planet !

     Year 2020. Somewhere far in the Galaxy, a planet where people lived in comfortable homes, equipped with simple yet powerful appliances that ran without annihilation, self controlled smart machines are installed to take care, surrounded by green landscapes where inhabitant animals and birds walked freely without a fear,  magnificent waterfalls are hosted by the rivers, calm yet peaceful mountains held the lakes. The days are bright and warm with multiple suns of variant temperatures round the clock, the evenings are beautiful with colorful clouds, where the nights are pleasantly cold.  The prolonged life of people enabled them to stay stronger, smarter and richer by far with values. They would work hard to keep their surroundings healthy and alive, without compromising their own needs, socialize with each other without a need of medium when possible, appreciate each other when there is an occasion.

     “Father, it is about the time, let us watch the descent of the suns by the sea. Hurry up !!” the boy called, jumping on his toes with excitement. “Ish, we aren’t late. I’m packing robes for both of us. It could be late by the time we return”, responded his father, Param. It was a special day when four suns set at the same time, which renders an exceptional scenery to view from the tip of the small hill near to their home. It has been a tradition in their locality for children to gather, learn stuff, and witness the events on these rare occasions. Ish was an ambitious and curious child. On their way, Ish led the conversation and requested his father to help him out to understand few queries he had.

     While they boarded their growable flying mini vehicle Monara, Ish turned on his button-sized device which displayed the content at a corner of visual frame with motion sensors, without disturbing the view. In their locality, all small families owned such vehicles for their day-to-day travels and it is most common to see across the region.

Ish: “Father, today I was going through the activities on planet Earth. They seemed to be in a pretty backward era. For example, their communication device, which they call a phone,  is not of much use. I say so because a person from the east can’t make a person from the west understand what they want to speak. In an ideal scenario, the phone should translate the audio at the same voice pitch and in the language in which the caller is speaking; the receiver should be able to listen to it in his own preferred language.”

Param: “They are working on it, son. Soon they will get there”.

Ish: “This is another point on the same line, father. They have various languages and various networks to stay connected virtually. However, they completely ignored Sanskrit, which is a language most suitable for their systems and computer programming. Don’t you think this is ignorance?!”

Param: “In each era, one culture has become popular on planet earth. Now the majority of the population focused on one common platform where they could relate to each other, and they are finding ways to effectively work together. Nevertheless, they are achieving what they could achieve without adopting Sanskrit that you referred. Overall, it could be late, but they will be successful”.

Ish: “Father, look at them. I could see they relied on gasoline and other fuels for their vehicles instead of solar energy. In order to keep the rest of the world under their control, they are using this oil source as a medium”.

Param: “Planet earth is rich in solar energy. Now they learnt how to make use of it. Soon they will switch to it. Once they get comfortable with renewable energy, they will start exploring other areas such as smart cultivation, nanotechnology, etc. It’s all a matter of exploring the knowledge”.

Ish: “Would it be possible for them to make a travel  between the planets once they are well equipped?”

Param: “Son, many things are possible if one uses his or her knowledge in a right way”.

Ish: “Father, I understand there is no comparison between them and us. Do you think there are any similarities? “

Param: “One point I would like to mention is – mother’s love. We came a long way in our evolution. However, the roots of mother’s love still remained the same here and back there on planet earth”.

     As they arrived their camp base, Param slowed down his Monara and parked at a corner while Ish ran to a center spot where he could sit and have a better view. There wasn’t much of the crowd as they arrived early. As a continuation to their conversation, Ish asked, “Father, are we gods? Are we what the humans on earth refer to? Apparently we do have all the characteristics they narrated in their religious scripts”.

     Param smiled at his innocent yet remarkable question and said “I’ll leave it up to your senses, Ish. Soon you will get to know this. There is no hurry in learning it at this hour. It is almost time. Look at the beautiful sunset. You could see four of them setting at the same time, as if a true mirror to each other”.

     Ish watched the magnificent view of the atmospheric and scenic phenomena, accompanied with excitement, while his father put a robe around his shoulders to keep him warm.

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