You, Me and Life – Caught Up In A Dream

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Dark clouds encompassed myriad stars; gusty wind hinted at a heavy downpour.

You pulled me towards you in a half awake state, the warmth you created around me made me rest on you; I needed neither a pillow nor a blanket.

The sky flashed randomly at us as if it wanted to capture the each movement we made;

Sudden rain on the leaves created a deep noise as if the trees were murmuring with jealousy;

The silent watcher, the night queen plant, spread its fragrance in our favour to let our spirits relax.  

I couldn’t fall asleep and needed to be sure the moments were alive and I was still next to you;

As if you read my mind, you comforted me while you ran your hand through my hair and whispered the three magical words;

You repeated them before my surprise had passed and made me feel feather light;

Restless weather settled mildly to let the winds of dawn be the messenger of our story.

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