You, Me and Life – It’s a heartache !

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The more I come close to you, the more I see the unreachable distance between us.

I ask myself if everything is alright, and return with a void answer.

I just needed a shoulder to rest on, to laugh together, I wanted to walk hand in hand, listen to the words I loved to hear once again and one last time.

You knew that I always treasured you, because you were special to me, and you’ll  be eternally.

I am stuck on you; and the way I feel now, even if I want to, I guess I won’t be able to be with you till the end.

No one else made me feel the way you did, and none could ever take your place.

Is it me who feel this difference, I close my eyes and wish It’s just not real.

Oh time, take us back to where we started and give me a chance to live a life full of dreams once again.

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